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...and built with the knowledge that people come first. We believe our primary job is to solve our client's problems.

With every client, we apply our collective knowledge and experience and are committed to helping each client achieve his or her greatest potential. Because Sobul, Primes & Schenkel is an early adopter of the latest technology, our work process is the most current, streamlined and efficient.


Sobul, Primes & Schenkel's reach extends globally through our membership in CPA Associates International. We only hire the most talented professionals who share our firm's enduring optimism for the future. Everyone is compensated well and, as with our clients, we strive to insure each realizes his or her highest goals. Our expectation is that, as we work together, we will all have a successful and enjoyable experience along the way. Our shareholders and principals include:

Rick Schenkel: Managing Shareholder


We are in the pampering and peace of mind business. The technical side is important and we put great care into proactively delivering the most up-to-date and accurate information along with the most effective solutions. But if we can also make clients feel they have been taken care of at the highest possible level, then we're setting our firm apart from the others.

David Primes: Emphasis on Information Technology


I do believe that the right technology can liberate us from the rote part of accounting so we can concentrate on the interesting and challenging parts. As a firm, we are investing in gathering all of the tools we need to make workflow more efficient and serve clients' needs.

Chris Morris: Emphasis on Taxation


We are part of one of the largest accounting resources in the world. CPA Associates International represents a tremendous resource to our clients, with over 230 offices throughout the world, and experience in virtually every aspect of the profession.

Steve Levitt: Emphasis on Taxation


I think communication is key to what sets us apart. We're not only available to clients, we are proactive with them, which means we call them before they call us.

Jeff Cameron: Quality Control Director


I think SPS is about working with great people who have common goals. The recent renovation is an example. A lot of thought went into bringing people together, creating better workflow and a great environment to work in.




We are weightlifters of a different type – lightening the load of the heavy burdens that come with navigating the complexities of today’s operating environment.  The firm’s deep resources and knowledge base allows us to take the load off our clients and allow them to focus more on the operating aspects directly related to their businesses.

Services Include:
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